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Husband and wife Susanne and Tony Söderberg have lived in Skateholm for the past 12 years. They absolutely love living close to the coast and enjoy taking long walks by the beach with their dog Baloo. Both Susanne and Tony have always had a passion for building and interior. Susanne works as a business advisor with over 30 years experience in the field, but she dedicate her spare time to do more creative things like painting, making beautiful flower arrangements and decorate their home and garden. Tony works as a builder and has always been a very diligent person who is never satisfied until everything is to perfection. He also has a great interest in old cars and spend a lot of his spare time to build and polish them as shiny as possible.


In 2016 they bought an old charming half-timbered house in Skateholm, and decided to call it Strandgården.

They now devote all their spare time to make Strandgården a beautiful and relaxing environment for their tenants.

From mid 2022 the apartments are operated as Strandgården i Skateholm AB.

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